From The Gods

February 28, 2008
By Kyle Gasnik, Cincinnati, OH

I remember leaving the cityscape,
Reluctantly though.
As a trio we walked, as a trio we drove,
Through streets unfamiliar,
Into a parking lot directly across the street from our destination.
It stood in between two bricks, not much to look at.
But as our bodies passed through the door,
A dimly lit spectacle pleased our vision
And we felt safe.
We were seated, our orders taken
From the simple menu.
A dance lesson was uninterrupted by our presence.
Our presence was uninterrupted by a dance lesson.
As the burgers soared from above our heads and landed in front of us,
Our waiter was praised and we commenced our ritual.
The combination of ingredients melted upon touching our tongues
And pure bliss had been achieved.
Our plates soon became empty,
Our stomachs became full.
The Gods of the Heavens had blessed us each with a gift.
And we were satisfied.

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