The title is '' POP! ''

May 29, 2011
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Pop! Lucid air bubbles shattering.
It's shiny colors shine and shimmer.
Red as dirt-filled bricks of a municipal building.
Mouthwatering like sweet strange angled strawberries.
Blue as the heavens above us.
Its depressing sadness is above us.
Pink as strawberry frosted donuts
And Valentine's Day cards from secret admirers.
Yellow like the tall, overshadowing sunflowers,
And fresh squeezed lemonade on stressful humid days.
Orange as the leaves dancing in mid fall,
While bright and bitter as a pomegranates citrus.
Purple like the sunset angling the earth,
And petite as scrumptious grapes.
These colors appear as they float maliciously.
Circling round and round freely.
Long bubble baths I dream of.
Then,POP! Bye-bye bubbles.

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