Where i come from...

June 6, 2011
By Lupita SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Lupita SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Where I come from

I come from
“Lo que ago es por tu bien”
To “never give up your dreams”

I come from
Immigrant, caring, loving, parents
To keeping the Mexican cultures alive

I come from my older sister
That gives me advice on not giving up
To my brothers

I come from people smiling
To others crying

I come from “I love you”
To “I hate you”

I come from having friends
To having frenemies

I come from being loved
To being hated

I come from saying “hello”
To others leaving and having to say “goodbye”
But never coming back

I come from being raised in Chicago
To having to follow the Mexican cultures

I come from chilling with friends
To partying Mexican-American crazy style

And, this is where I come from =]

The author's comments:
This talksn a bit more about where i have been raised about people in my life and what i live thru.

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