A Small Seed

June 6, 2011
By karleeannn GOLD, Highland, Utah
karleeannn GOLD, Highland, Utah
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A small seed lies in the dirt.
It wants to grow but is afraid to get hurt.

It wants to see what lies above.
It wants to experience sunshine and love.

It wants to interact with the world outside.
It doesn't want to have to hide.

It wants to grow and to be free.
It wants to feel, it wants to see.

There are things in life that are eating away at its strength.
It takes such effort to move just a small length.

But this one is determined, its goals are set high.
It tries its best, but can't figure out why.

Why is it so afraid to change?
What about this is so strange?

Why does this seed want to remain in the dirt?
Why in this world is there so much hurt?

It will soon turn into a beautiful flower.
It will be instilled with strength and power.

Its petals will bloom a brilliant hue.
It will experience sunshine, so bright and so new.

Though others will try to bring it down,
It will stand up tall and look around.

Though it will be hard, this seed will grow.
And what it can do, everyone will know.

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