My Dad

June 6, 2011
By karleeannn GOLD, Highland, Utah
karleeannn GOLD, Highland, Utah
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He isn’t known as a hero to the world.
But a hero he is to me.
He doesn’t fight fires or fight in a war,
But he’ll fight ‘til the end for me.

He doesn’t have to kill the bad guys,
Just kill the spiders for me.
He doesn’t need to make the millions
To be good enough for me.

He shows me the way,
But doesn’t judge when I fall down and get hurt.
He helps me through, and picks me up,
And wipes off all the dirt.

He always has believed in me,
He always has been close.
And when it comes to the heroes of the world,
It’s him I love the most

Although life gets hard,
And he sometimes can get caught up in the whirl
He’ll always be there willing to do anything
For his little girl.

As I sit and dream of my future ahead
I walk tall with strength and pride.
And I know that I’ll have him to thank,
For always being by my side.

I sit here today and wonder and think,
How this could have come to be…
That I am so fortunate, and lucky, and blessed
That you were the dad chosen for me.

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