Dear Angel

June 5, 2011
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It's not too long before I feel alone.

The walls cave in and It starts all over again.

I burst into flames, when your tears hit the floor and I say welcome home, to you dear.

When I'm feeling trapped and the floor starts to cave, I call on your name and you stare just the same, Don't you Angel?

Oh Don't you sweet Angel.

I rage on and call your name but your too busy to love me, the way you used too, ain't that the truth?

Dear Angel, won't you speak to me, put me away from misery? Take my hand, show me the way & tell me it'll be okay...

Dear Angel don't let the flames get to me, if you do, I know you've left me now, oh dear Angle don't ever let me down.

When my heart bursts into flames & I cry for all of you.

You'll ditch my soul & tell me to make way down to the gates of a lonely heartbeat.

Dear Angel, please dont skin my sanity.

Don't take away my joy.

While I cry, while I bleed.

As I take away the seed of my love.

I also take away the respiration of my salvation.

My deep & dark impression, dear sweet Angel.

Dear Angel, take my hand in yours & make due free, baby please, set my soul free.

Dear sweet Angel, just make me bleed, make me free.

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