To Conquer Is To Never Engage In

June 23, 2011
By mackk BRONZE, New Iberia, Louisiana
mackk BRONZE, New Iberia, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Growing up happens when you have things you look back on an wish you could change."

If you can make your point
I'll put down my finger.
Less of a human in my eyes
More of a monster disguised
As you before me,
I won't surrender
So make me see

Past the flicker in the flame
Down the street without a name
Is there a fool to bear the blame?
Because I don't believe in the game

I see the players as they die
Then resurrect
Do i shut my eyes?
When another tongue slips down her throat
Though now she can hit that highest note
But the pain, it's alive
Just as real as you and I
It spills as she cuts
"Does it hurt?"
"Oh not that much"
It's the nature of the game
The irony's in their shame

What'd you expect
Didn't you read the rules?
There is no luxury for fools.
Only this.
What we're in.
Tonight, no one wins

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