Left Behind

June 5, 2011
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Left Behind

The day they met
Was the worst day
Of my life.
That's where it all
Went down.
When my entire life
Turned into a
Ferocious storm
With no end.

It is mid-winter
During 6th grade social studies.
Myself paired up
With my best friend
And another girl
Who I've never heard speak.
Soon I am alone
For my friend and the other girl
Have left me.
They are giggling far off
Making jokes and smiling.
Making me wish
I had stayed home.
Frustration builds up
Stacking itself
To build mounds of anger
Ready to spill out at any moment.
I can't ignore it.
I can only hope that
It is temporary.
But of course
It turns out
I was wrong.

The next thing I knew
I was starting to disappear.
I never thought that I
Would be the one
Who was left behind.
My heart shrivels
Like a rose withered up
With no rain or sun.
I used to be a bloomed flower
With silky petals
For every memory
Alongside my friend.
Now there are thorns
For the arguments
And the petals have fallen
And died away.
And now there is a new flower
That overshadows mine.
A new rose for a new friendship
That I wish had never begun.
My friendship begins to plummet.
My friend pays no attention to me
Giving it all to someone
Who isn’t worthy.

I try to stay
On the bright side.
But finally giving up
I see there is none.
I accept defeat.
I surrender.
Left behind.

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