Venom In a Rose

June 15, 2011
By monticciolod SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
monticciolod SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
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A snake, a rose, beauty in both forms.
But it is over looked that red roses, have thorns.
It was a choice just left to one,
Between the snake and the rose, and what could be done.
A snakes slithering seduction, hisses,
A radiant rose, has fluorescent kisses.
The snake was more tempting, lustful, and fair.
But to defy a rose, you would not dare.
The snake was let off with no regret,
Because roses proved the purest flower yet.
Purity unknown to a sinful snake,
Leaving my heart for the rose to take.
The silky floral haven you can’t deny.
Lovely ruby petals become a ruby sky,
It’s the only color you’ll see, and beauty that you’ll know,
And love is the only catalysts to help a rose grow.
The sun shines brightly, but with slightly chilling rays,
That wistfully wakes you, to wretched wilting days.
The once majestic flower thrived with poison ivy,
The blood that steins a roses petals is anything but lively.
With every demonist petal,” she loves me, she loves me not,”
Twisted like a roses roots tangled up in knots.
Venom flows in both roses and snakes,
It poisons the love of the heart it breaks.
Yes, a rose is beautiful; it is not one to hide,
But if you ripped a red rose open to see what was inside,
You’d see there in that rose, the love that has slowly died.
Snakes watch attentively as they slither side to side.
And after a radiant rose becomes just a dead stem,
Snakes re appears to try love once again.

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