June 15, 2011
By monticciolod SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
monticciolod SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
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As America try’s to move forward the constitution moves us back,
Promising equality which we hypocritically lack.
Hate and prejudices boil in America’s blood,
Leaving citizens drowning in a growing ruby flood.
Don’t ask don’t tell limits a citizens rights,
So when you stand up for your country to fight,
If you are gay you must put down your arms tonight.
Your bravery is unwanted in our mournful plight.
Full equality is the best thing our country has to give,
But unconstitutional laws take away a soldiers life to live.
Confided, restraint, because he is different he cannot die,
For the homophobic being standing by his side.
A second class citizen that no one wants to be,
And who is deemed the rightful ruler to entail his rights to he?
Unjust unfair,
But John McCain wont care.
Are name tags read, “Insubordination”, you must be reminded,
Why does America insist on living its life blinded?
I pledge allegiance to the flag,
But I wont be defended by a fag.
God bless America in every single way,
Raise our majestic flag that is solemnly going grey.
And when patriotic coffins are lined up on every deadly day
Can you tell me which solider there was gay?

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