Tick Tock Minus K

June 15, 2011
By monticciolod SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
monticciolod SILVER, Holmdel, New Jersey
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With every tick of time I grow apart,
I’m an avid follower in your eye.
And although you may thrive in heart,
It won’t beat no matter how hard I try.
The clock is screaming,
And every second is getting us there.
I reconcile in hopefully dreaming,
That the night will freeze in your stare.
The minute hand is the center of attention,
The hour sits in dread.
Bringing me closer in my suspension,
And taming the ideas inside my head.
I’ve tried forever to stop it, it’s true,
Confounded in the wrong direction.
And now that the day is new,
I wake to bitter sweet affection.
The yearn to see yesterday,
I need to know the rest.
Leaves me in pieces every day,
The broken time machine in propitiation I’ve confessed
Contentious hope is up in arms,
Tears crack in dissembling fear.
The clock has never caused such harm,
Licentious voices in my ear.
And every second is more important then the one before,
Stumbling gingerly in mind because this is all a trick.
No heart can handle such a sore,
In pulsing veins a steady tick.

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