To Live in Grey

June 15, 2011
That which was once strong, and slowly began to fade,
I threw away all the promises, every bridge I’ve bore or made.
It faded in a shade of grey, one I’ve never knew,
And in that grey abyss, I swore I had lost what was left you.
I stopped myself from searching, and worrying till dusk,
Cause waiting for imagination simply eludes to trust.
And I never saw it coming; my records can all prove,
I never thought you’d come back and make the grayness move.
In fighting the imagination, I refused to think you’d be,
Standing clearly as you are, right in front of me.
The solemn grey I’ve come to know, is imagination,
It’s just as fictitious as our love, my monogamous creation.
As the colors cower through, my words slowly provoking
The grey that’s bleached my insides, has left me furtively choking.
The silence calculates its measure, for the time to finally explain,
To put the words together, and confess all you claim.
The words that have been said over and over again,
Have existed for life times just stuck in my head.
For in this span of fading, I’ve had the time,
To contemplate how I feel and appraise every line.
So that if I chose to anticipate that the grayness would sway
I’d already have planned out what I have wanted to say.
I’ve chose some great diction, applied some insight,
Made sure to tell you of my grey dreams every night.
I’ve made sure to memorize it and scrutinize all its parts,
To show you the connection that exists between two hearts.
I’ve practiced and waited, so that if the day came through,
You would finally realize, how I’d live in grey for you.
The words that sing inside my head, ready to get out,
Are words meaningless of anything, when they can’t be choked out.
The space is closing in on us, on everything I want to say,
And forever lives in silence, when the world fades back to grey.

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