An Emotion's Endeavor

June 15, 2011
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I woke up to a dream only to realize I wasn’t dreaming,
I couldn’t sleep last night, my brain’s to busy reeling.

Getting a grip of reality, it came to my attention,
the feelings were real, the image, imagination.

I was trapped underground and there was no way out,
my heart pumping so loud, I couldn’t hear myself shout.

A cool, wet sensation streaming down my face,
creating narrow pathways, at a synchronized pace.

“Get a grip!” I cried, when my head started to pound,
then like a deafening silence, I couldn’t hear a sound.

I took a deep breath, and I looked to my side,
in the distance a faint yellow light, the opposite of my life.

I looked once again, my eyes not believing,
I was to set on an expedition, when the ground started heaving.

Alas! Space to move, my body as one,
I weaved through the tunnel, the light soon to come.

Step by step, I began to feel lighter
and the now diminished hole in my chest, started to respire.

My broken emotions were mending, and finally coming together,
there was now a peace inside me, my head was feeling better.

A few more paces, and I’ve almost arrived,
all it took was this journey and the will to survive.

I have reached the light that leads to the surface,
to leave this underground, that is my purpose.

Climbing to the top, the Sun’s warm rays on my back,
my emotions have been freed from the tunnel’s dark, narrow track.

And so I take a deep breath, my head no longer reeling,
the image is real and so is the feeling.

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