Surmounting Your Demons

June 15, 2011
By jordskee GOLD, Port Washington, New York
jordskee GOLD, Port Washington, New York
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I see it when I sleep, even when I look away,
A monster that creeps behind me, a monster here to stay.
It shows its face in daylight, a deepest form of gray,
It leers at me from angles, but our eyes they do not stray.

I try to scream for help, but still nobody’s there,
I rip my skin, grit my teeth, and watch my falling strands of hair.
Even when my blood is seeping nobody seems to care,
And the monster circles around me, not once to break its stare.

Some days I feel like dying, others I’m already dead,
Alone trapped in a corner, will nothing stop this dread?
Its hard to wipe your tears, when your heart’s a pound of lead,
I grip my chest and catch my breath, its eyes are a gleaming red.

Now struggling to breathe, I look for something to grasp,
Anything to shake the sight of this demon from my past.
As my body writhes in pain, I don’t know if I can last,
Yet locked on me so hauntingly, our eyes will never pass.

There’s a guilt that lives within me, a forever still regret,
That fateful day the monster came, was the day my pain was set.
Soon I must face the darkness, and greet the happiness I have not met,
But not until I stare deep into the blood red eyes, not yet, not yet.

The author's comments:
Taken from the perspective of someone who has to live with a constant guilt and regret

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