Guess Who?

June 13, 2011
By Lightening BRONZE, Llano, Texas
Lightening BRONZE, Llano, Texas
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Can I get a ticket for going this fast?

She's very small,
With short, wavy hair,
She's like a troll
Yet, she hardly smells.

With her height in check,
She can scare everyone off
With just one wink.

She runs you off,
Yet, you magically run up her road.
She tells us to "shut up"
But it seems we don't have the "shut" right.

She tried to tell us that we have to learn,
Yet, it's better to learn from her.
She gives us work out of the book,
But, we take it home to demolish.

She tells us to turn it in,
That's when we get the "shut" right.
For her deadly eyes are unbearable to control.

She's so sweet just as a seaweed stuck to a stick,
Yet, sometimes that sweet turns into sour.

What she teaches is the guess for you
It's the hardest subject teachers can teach,
For that matter even to learn.

English, Math, Science, Social Studies,
Which of this does she teach?
That's for you to find out and for me to tell.

English is what everyone speaks,
Yet, is it the hardest to teach?

Even though, Social Studies has war
And unbearable battles.
Yet, is Social Studies the hardest?

Then comes Science the health, chemistry, and carbon dioxide,
Yet, is this the hardest?

You might know her
From sophomore or junior year.
But for me it was the best junior year.

She's helped me with this subject,
From the beginning of year.

Well, can you guess who she is?
Well if you don't know,
I'll tell you.
With her brown hair, waving in the air,
With the boys and girls giving her some air.
She's Mrs. Alexander.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Alexander is my chemistry teacher in junior year. If it was not Mrs. Alexander than i would not have passed her class.
Thank You Mrs. Alexander for all you did for me!!!!!!!

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