Monomania: Drugs

June 12, 2011
By chappellrx BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
chappellrx BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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a bottle, some pills
whatever it takes to get your thrills
a needle injected, the sense of meaning it instills,
the fires been lit,
now you can't function apart from it,
you're both connected,
getting more familiar, minute, by minute
your judgement infected, your children neglected: "Where's mom?"
through day, into night,
spiraling down at the speed of light,
you don't even notice your imminent plight
you never count the cost,
hell, if you had to break life down right now you'd say that all is lost,
getting tossed and turned by the waves of what you crave, times are fast,
but your body can't outlast your lifestyle,
you're just going to be another fatality filed at the morgue
addiction, obsession run rampant, your mind and soul are dormant,
" there anybody in there?
it's an incoherent affair, you're on the edge of despair,
crying out but your words just hover in midair,
no one can help you now, it's time to take your final bow:
"No one can help you one can help me now!"

The author's comments:
My mother was a pharmacist who was addicted to drugs.

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