Last Tears I Cried Over You

June 2, 2011
These last tears I cry over you
Will be the worst that I ever cried
They will painful as I try
With all the strength within me to
Not let them fall
They will cut off my oxygen
As I try not to breathe
So that no one can hear my loud
These last tears that i cry over you
Will break my heart as all the emotions
That I tried to dismiss and write off will
Force its way thru
These tears will pierce my eyes like swords
And once I'm done my eyes will be blood shot red
I won't think of you anymore once I'm done with these
Tears I guess this is my way of saying good riddance
But as I cry these tears my thoughts will be flooded
With you. Promises that were never kept
Moments I tried to freeze in time
Words that I wish was never said
As I cry these tears I will feel my love for you dying
I will feel me trying to hold on to something of you
But as I cry these tears everything will be lost
And once I'm done with these tears everything will
Be nothing but a memory
Everything will fall into a deep abyass that
No one can reach
After these tears I'm done with you
There will be no going back
After these tears I will be strong
I will be able to face you
I will be able to stand the sight of your face
I will be able to say your name and not break down
After these tears I'll vow to myself to not ever let
A man break me down like you did
I will never let a man come and change me
I will never go thru hoops like I did for you
I will never let a man break me away from what
I think is important
I wil remain myself
So for the moment I will be in pain
As I cry these tears but just know these are the
Last Tear that I cry over you

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