Just That Weak

June 2, 2011
By PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
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Favorite Quote:
"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

You laugh at my tears
You mock my pain with your silence
Myself I lock in an invisible solitary confinement
With no way of ever finding it
A love deeper than sea trenches
It scares me with its strength
It claws its way out
Leaving me open for the unexpected
No chains no bars
Nothing to protect it
What other name can be so sweet
But yet I disgust myself with its possibilities
Of endless smiles, joy and laughter
I taunt myself with the idea of living happily ever after
I let out a laugh at my foolish thoughts as they soon consume me
I take two deep breaths as I face this hurtful reality
That I have days full of tears
Nights up tossing turning
I have hurt in my eyes
Pain in my heart
I’ll smile in your face
Leaving the moping for the dark
See this thing we call our love is about to hit the ground
But you’ll let it slip through your fingers and shatter before you save it
You stand over me as I pick up the broken pieces
Cutting myself on every edge
Bleeding out my stupidity then drown myself in my empty bed
Now that you’re not here I hold myself through these unweatherable storms
I wrap my sorrows in these sheets
I lay here without moving
So the emptiness won’t squeak
I’ll say ending your existence is the only way that I can keep moving
And I’ll tell you this time its forever
But I’ll listen to your endless apologies and your speeches of us being together
I’ll let you dry my tears for that day kiss me until we can’t breathe
I smile at tomorrow because I know I’m just that weak

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