Stuck Between My Bed Sheets

June 2, 2011
By PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
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you call me when your lonely
or when your day is long
and stressful
a pain reliever
something to melt the complications away
you keep my name stored in your
phone as That Girl
and thats what you have turned me into
just someone to get freaky with
but no one you see your self being with
call me baby to sweeten up
but go days with out a word
never speaking your mind
just telling me all that I perfer
you say we past a friend level
but you know we are no where near past
it because we haven't ever
gotten to that level
because more than what it
know would have never lasted
stuck between the walls of my bedroom
all tangled up in my bed sheets
never letting me out
just keeping me there
til you are ready to do me
rejected by a nice smile and brown eyes
decieved by kisses and good sex
screams of i hate yous
but allow you to have seconds
made me vulnerable and weak
my body now says welcome
to you
in and out you come
but i could never say no to you
the one that you have to hide
because if someone dared find out about me
then your reputation is over
so you smile from a distance
never trying to bring me closer
you fell in love with my body
but i infatuated with this
d*** because thinking of loving you
only brings sickness
SO i stay your THAT GIRL
you keep your mouth shut
i'm a secret
thats why you reject me in public
because i'm the girl
you don't want to be seen with
reduced me to what you wanted
i sat back and let you
gave you apart of me
to be hurt
only because that's what i'm used to
thats why i accept your calls
and listen to all the promises
you make me
because what we are now
will be nothing
more than stuck between my bed sheets

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