June 2, 2011
I gave him that cute shy stare
That come here baby hold me in your arms
And never let go stare
And I’m so tired of staring
That I’m about to let this boy know how I feel
And hope he’s there to listen
And hope he feels the same
And we’d wish on hope for what our future would bring
EVERYONE knows how much I love you
AND everyone knows the things I’d do for you
How I’d lay on my back mutter out a moan
With the tears dripping down my cheeks
You know regardless of who they say you are
OR what you just might do
I only want to be HIS GIRL
The girl that makes him happy
Without EVER spreading her legs
HIS GIRL the girl that stands beside him
While everyone else walks away
And we’d be so in love
That nothing outside of our circle matters
For days I hid my tears behind grit-tooth smiles and fake hugs
Because if I dared reached out for more
Then everyone would know about the obsession I have for you
How I always want to be around you and would do anything for you
How I sit at home and do nothing but think of you
MY THOUGHTS you captured them
And MY LOVE goes unpronounced
Yeah I heard you tell them you so called like me
But when will you EVER admit to me how much you want me
But that’s ok you don’t have to because I know in my heart and mind how much you do
You wanna kiss my lips
Look deep in my eyes and speak unfilled vows
Then walk around as if nothing between us never happened
As though my v***** was your ESCAPE
And that’s all you ever want to do is ESCAPE
You wanna stuff yourself inside me but then find the door and run the other way
I’m like that reject kid that had no friends and sat alone in the hallway
But my rejection and hurt
Doesn’t come when you blately say your sick of seeing my face
But when you can’t man up and face the truth
And I think back on the time when you said you’ll always be honest with me
I guess well I’m not enough to be HIS GIRL
That girl that’ll ride while them lame chicks walk
The girl he’ll need and won’t EVER have to think of someone else
Over and over I tried to make you see that the girl is me
No you’ve made yourself believe that this girl is the ONE
And I nothing more than an easy F***
But come one baby what does she really have over me?
She can NEVER be me
Because I will forever be your first thought your last thought
And she’s nothing but a day dream
And you can stay with this girl all you want but I promise everything she does will remind you of me
Because when you hold her you’ll smell my scent
And when you kiss her it’s mine you dream about
And when you talk to her you’ll hear my voice
I don’t want to come in between you and her I just need you to understand
That I will never be the side dish
You see I’m always the full course
I’m not the one you run to when she doesn’t do it right
The secret chick
And never again will you degrade me or hurt me
You wanted her so keep her
You made your bed now lie in it
Because in order to keep my dignity and self respect
I will sit back and watch her be HIS GIRL

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