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June 2, 2011
By PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
PassionNLuv GOLD, Clayton, Delaware
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"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

As he rubs his hands down the spine of my back the buds of my nipples instantly harden. I stare at the steam coming from the hot water thats falling out of the faucet onto our feet. He just keeps rubbing his fingers up n down my spine. I let out a slight moan and I look him in the eyes. He just stares down at me as if my body were a piece of art he was marveling at. He pressed his lips against my shoulder and released. I watched as he brought his lips closer to mine I wrap my arms around his neck and pressed my naked body against his and we shared a kiss so deep that not even the hot water could tear us apart. When we did seperate we stared at each other like adam and eve once did when they ate from the forbidden fruit. We stared at out aroused bodies. We grinned. And allowed our bodies to reunite. After much passionate steamy kisses and ecasty groping. We washed each others bodies just staring as if were sculpting making sure to touch ever body part every curve every dipple just like a sclupter would. Our eyes said I love you while our hands acted them out. We left the shore making sure to dry befor laying between each other. The room quickly filled of the soap we used. Our ears filled with moans and pleasures. Our bodies filled with the others body. We made sinful music for hours before collapsing. Our out of breaths screamed I love you. Then our mouths finally said the words and we laid between each other without any words

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