The it can't happen to me disease

June 2, 2011
You see I have one abused mentality
Always had a problem with facing reality
Someone hurt me then left me with the most distorted view of life
I was alone
But to the cold air and pavement and passing people none of that matter
I was a woman now and I had to make it on my own
I didn’t have no mother to cradle and nourish and no daddy to protect
I was beggar broke and basically a leaper to society
I found my golden prize between my thighs and I exploited her
And o how they loved her.
I lay there motionless underneath them
Knowing that he was on top was no different than the one before him
I get up with a piece of him still inside me and I face the turned up noses
Ridicule eyes and the silent trash talking voices
I sleep in the arms of unfulfilled vows
But I leave richer than I entered
I rest for only a second
Then it is back to beating the pavement with my feet
Dodging flashy lights and quick to kill hands
I just keep beating the pavement until I find another broken promise
My golden prize isn’t so golden anymore
And the white coat says it’s untreatable
Scorned I take my sunken treasure and go share it with another

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