February 15, 2008
Within my unspoken words
lies a fluent voice
that says unexplainable
but understandable words.
Yet you don't hear
come out through the motion
of my mouth.

Trust me when I say
it's there...
The same way you
see a mute that worships
and rejoices
his exisistance
is real as mine.

Why is it that the
reckless noise
of my words did not exisit
as an infant only You know,
but why it exisit now
only my spirit knows.
The same way my blood
speaks to you
my soul does too.
Yet the fullness of my voice
is being deflected by
the closure of my mouth.
Leaing a empty space
of my praise.

The anger of
the fear of going
into a new year
with this disease
should work as a push
to find a rememdy.
But the keen sight
of my heart is being blinded
by my own rampage,
which will all
be taken away
with just one
cry of Your name.

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