take me back o then

June 2, 2011
i wish i could take back the things i said
i wish i could tell you i love you still
your in my heart forever but i dont,
truley understand why he took you from,
me i miss you dearly, and need you here,
your the mother i never had and my grandmother
to so why did he need you.?

was it to test my stregth cause i failed
was it to test my faith, i lost it
was it to see how id serve, cause im coming
close to dying,

i wanna see you again someday,
but how could i your dead.?
i wanna vist your grave but my fears
wont let me, your smile
haunts my dreams and makes me cry
i have all these memories but most are fussin

im sorry i hurt you granny... i wish i had a second chance id take everthing back.....

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