And Always

June 2, 2011
The first time I met you
New feelings rushed through me
Then for the first time ever
Kissing a stranger, who wasn’t really a stranger

I got to know you more and more
Our sore thumbs allowed fresh feelings to grow
Your picture became my background

The first time you hugged me
The love, safety, comfort, everything I needed, I found, I felt
The warmth of your hugs
Helped show the warmth from your heart

The week we started seeing more of each other.
Then two weeks later it felt like forever
The smiles we give to each other
The comfort of communication

The tough time with an ex
The worry and shaking feelings I had
Was all part of past, failed relationships
Already two weeks, afraid to lose you

The proof shows you won’t leave
Telling her about me, telling her off
Removing her picture of the dance from your stand
Removing her ‘forever’ sign from your wall

The hurt I felt for you
That night you came to talk
She had a hold but it finally broke
I promise I'm not going anywhere

Vows are serious but
Here's a start already
My heart belongs to you
My feelings too strong to ignore

I’m here for you through it all
I’m not walking away, not going anywhere
I’m drowned by my emotions, stuck
Forever and ever and always

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