One with the Track

June 1, 2011
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There’s something strange about that feeling,
The rush of adrenaline will keep one reeling.
You must fight to control the nerves
There’s no other way to attack the curves.
Standing, waiting, staring down the track
The officials yell for all to take a step back.
You look and realize that the moment has come,
The race of your life has now begun.
All confusion around you ceases to exist.

It’s just you, the track, and a date with the record list.
Kneeling down your fingers embrace the track
You become one with it, and feel a sense of attack.
This, my friend, is when you know you are ready,
The race has arrived and you fight to stay steady.
As the starters voice yells that one piercing word, SET!
You may feel that you’re not ready yet.
Have no fear, because soon it will be over,
The race of your life has drawn ever closer.
You draw in a breath, quick and fast,
.Before the gun goes off it will be your last.
Your spikes hit the track in a wild furry,
It would be modest to say you’re in a hurry.
Toes up, knees driving, arms pumping, you keep perfect form
Your desire and will to win must not be the norm.
You have to push through the entire race,
Therefore, making everyone else match your break-neck pace.
And when the race draws to a close,
You continue to sprint, keep running on those toes!
Not until the last few steps do you think about stopping,
And even then you keep those legs rocking.
And only when the finish line is there,
You lean with your body, beating them by a hair.
The crowd’s cheers will keep you going,
Rising even louder after you win and are slowing.
But realize the one very simple fact,
When you hear the gun it is time to react.
You may not always come out ready to attack,
But keep pushing through the race, for you are one with the track!

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