The girl who loved coffee

June 1, 2011
By , pittsburgh, PA
There once was a girl named Elizabeth,

Who loved coffee so much it was ridiculous!

She drank it all day and night,

And to get it away from her it surely was a fight!

Until one day she was dissatisfied,

Because her coffee was loosing taste, so she testified!

She went to countless coffee shops,

But she couldn't find the right flavor, until POP!

She realized the best place to get coffee,

was the place it was discovered, Kaldi.

So she hopped on the first plane,

Making sure not to forget her coffee mug because that would be a shame.

She tasted coffee from it's birthplace,

And she was instantly incased,

In the most magnificently tasting coffee she ever had the pleasure to taste.

So she took the magic beans,

And headed home to queens

Where she opened up her own coffeehouse

And shared her passion with everything, even her pet mouse.

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