A Masterpiece?

June 1, 2011
Our bodies, a masterpiece or a false fault? The differences between the inner body from the outer view. The organs inside of us, working together as one, to function one living human. Oxygen flows through our veins, and throughout the blood cells until it finally reaches its destination, the lungs. The stomach takes in and then digests the food that we put into our body whether it is unhealthy for us or may help us live a bit longer. Keep your kidney clean; use the bathroom when you need to and don’t hold it in. The fuller the bladder, the longer the pee. The brain, the ruler of our bodies. The information holder of our intelligence, emotions, thought, movements, and so much more, not so simple. Our heart, the beating organ, pounds against our chest every second until the last beat it can master. An important organ that works with the others to function the body each and every day. Our outer view of ourselves is different to everyone, but the inside in all of us is all the same. So is it a masterpiece or simply a false fault?

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