Wild Rain

February 15, 2008
By Michael Jones, Kingston, NH

Dark, damp grey clouds roll over head
The wild rain crashes down on all of us
On the meadows where metal and ceramic frogs lay still
To the jungle where singing bears dance and dirty monkeys swing
The moon and stars not in sight, pulled away by a powerful string
“Is the sky falling”, young girl asks
“No, only dropping pieces of heaven”, old woman answers
The pony and paper crane go back in the barn
Some, like the love bear and the robot, have nowhere to go
Somewhere beyond the drops of the wild rain
An abandoned seashell crashes on land
Shattering to pieces like a broken, black heart
Then the cracked Maryland bell chimes to say it’s over
The rain has passed
People return to routine now, back to their dull lives
The name tags go back on, the gamblers buy more tickets
And letters are sent out, each filled with gossipy fun
All will remain normal till the next time when
The sky darkens and wild rain falls down to greet
Once more

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