The Earth Lays on its Axis

February 15, 2008
By Jessica Geoffroy, Fremont, NH

The Earth lays on its axis,
Colors of blue and green blend together.
People of all different cultures
Come together and celebrate
The birth of a new life.
Dogs howl in unison,
While people cheer.
Everybody is happy
At that exact moment.
One girl is off by herself
Wondering why everyone
Is happy.
She is not happy,
She is angry.
No one pays attention
To her.
She is all by herself in this world.
“Why does nobody
Love me?” She asks.
“Because you are different;
Different than everyone
Else. No one can ever
Love a freak.”
She shakes her head
And tells the voice
That it isn’t true.
“No, the others are
Just busy.
When they’re done
Talking they’ll come over.”
Even she didn’t believe
The words that came
Out of her own mouth.
The other voice was right,
I am a freak,
No one will ever
Love me.
I am different,
And all alone
In this horrid place.
But I will survive.
I will be a warrior.

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