I Stand Here

February 15, 2008
By Tiffany Strain, Bowdon, GA

I stand here and think back on all those school days,
Years have past and we've changed in so many ways.
You and I in Kindergarten together, what fun?
You'd hit me I'd hit you back and run!
My friend, red hair, freckles, and a boy!
I promised to share my toys!
Now we're all grown up, 18 and loving it!
Who would have thought it'd turn out like it did?
Inseparable! We are always together now!
Too bad I fell in love... I know wow!
Yeah I admit it! I'm crazy about you!
But you're with her! What should I do?
Wait, cry, or give up on this?
I cant, it's my secret wish!
You and me and a great future!
My love for you runs deep and pure!
Don't look at me differently!
I am still the same old Tiffany!
But with more love in my heart!
Let this little poem be our start!
I promise it is true,
Because I love you!

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