The Hole in the Wall

June 16, 2011
By mikehole BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
mikehole BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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There is a hole in the wall and I don’t know what to do
It is my wall and a robber just broke through
Just standing there staring into a white space
Like looking in the clouds, my mind is going through a race
It looks like what I imagined throughout my dreams
Looking around the horizon with my team
My team was there with me, the friends I have made
To young to work, but I wants to get paid
This hole in the wall has just blown up
The women walking through it, looked at me and said “sawp”
That word sounds familiar, just like an old friend
Those were the old memories, the ones I had to lend
The hole in the wall contains my favorite memories
Not for anyone to just come through and see
But this familiar figure coming through and taking back the favorite things that I recall
One of them was at the Auburn Mall
She’s taking them away when I don’t want her to
I wish I can solve this without being scared, boo
I’m very hesistant when I think of this robber
I’m not drunk, but very sober
This hole in the wall I just discovered
Was the thing in my head where which I reminisce, just has been blown up like a fence
Taking everything away
Leaving me with nothing left to say

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