June 11, 2011
By KristinD BRONZE, Lincoln Park, New Jersey
KristinD BRONZE, Lincoln Park, New Jersey
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Knowing i have you now and forever
Makes living in the darkness i call life a little better
You remove the sting that each word leaves
They tear off my flesh like common thieves
You watch and you wait until the time has come
Without a peep you know exactly what needs to be done
You'll do anything just to make me smile
My sadness is decreasing, keep turning the dial
Notch by notch the pressure is released
You've temporarily succeeded in taming the beast
It's just a matter of time until i explode
You pulled of my backpack to lighten the load
The tears are falling and theres no way to stop it
Out of your pocket falls a heart shaped locket
When i unhook the latch, im happy with what i see
Cut delicately and small is a photo of you and me
You looked into my soul and said the words i needed to hear
You pulled me in close and said "i love you, my dear"
Fingers tracing my lips, your thumb on my chin
you move a little closer and let it begin

The author's comments:
This piece is something i wrote last year when i first met my girlfriend. After i wrote it i was pleased with the message. please give feedback, it is much appreciated.

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