How Life Can Really Be

February 15, 2008
So this is where my choices have lead me,
into this ditch where the light ain’t gonna touch.
I have been trying to remember why my eyes don’t see,
why my silent cries unheard,
but all I can figure is that I wasn’t in turmoil until I gave up.
I said a few words here and there,
hoping for redemption from a wrecked diary,
but I already knew that nothing could help
without a little push from myself.
So there I sat and wondered if I could stand
without an arm to help me wander about.
But without my will
I am just existing in life,
feeding my mayhem bit by bit.
So this is what I got to say to everyone who has fallen down,
get up, get up!
Life ain’t gonna wait around for you to sulk,
so stand up with pride and joy
then you’ll just see how life can really be.

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