June 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Your will to live is getting stronger everyday, and I hope and pray you're going to be OK. I know times are tough, but it's all you can do. With you in my prayers, I hope you can make it through. You've been on my mind all day, and all night, and every time I think of you all I can think "Is she going to win this fight?"...
As we stand in your room, straying from the foot of your bed I see the pain in your eyes, and I know death is not to far ahead.
So as the morphine kicks in and I hear one last sigh, I pray to God that you're not in pain when you die.
I know that fateful day is not to far ahead, so until we meet in Heaven, have sweet dreams my dear friend.

The author's comments:
Well, my great-aunt was diagnosed with in-operable lung cancer, and was aboout to die.
My cousin and I were really strugling with it, so I wrote this for us as a way to help accept her eventual death.

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