The Unsinkable Ship

February 15, 2008
Laboring hard day and night to craft a worthy ship,
Of holding many precious humans from the royal to the meager.
Everyone awaiting the maiden voyage, standing hip to hip,
Each one of them quite excited, children especially eager.

At last the day has come! We shall sail the mighty sea,
Every passenger is anxious, with a wide grin from ear to ear.
But, while having the time of their lives, they forgot the captain’s plea,
“Carry along your jackets, the coming ice is making me fear.”

While the first class passengers are quaintly sipping tea,
The steerage crew is crowded down below, jigging carelessly.
Here, what they do not know will hurt them as they crash uneasily,
Into an unforgiving iceberg in the middle of the sea.

The deafening shrieks could be heard from miles away,
As poor, innocent people sank to an awful watery grave.
Frantic women and sobbing children were sent toward rescue boats,
While silent husbands and fathers prayed that they could stay afloat.

The ship tried to make contact with anyone near,
But no one was there; no one could hear.
With a snap and a crash, there went the unsinkable ship,
Slowly drifting to the bottom with a blip, blip, blip.

Only a few were fortunate. Many passed away.
A lucky few were rescued from the frigid icy sea.
And for a terribly large percentage, there they still stay,
Waiting for some sort of closure that will never come their way.

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