Crystal Beads

February 15, 2008
By Raquel Rivera, Henderson, NV

Tearful eyes flood my heart full of remorse. My spoken words shred your heart. It stings you eyes and makes me wish that I had never said them. Waves of your agony crash against the shores of my body with almost enough strength to knock me to my knees - but I don't. Feeling as a monster that is too ugly to even look at I turn around. Your screams of terror make my ears bleed. "No, don't leave me!" You scream with all the breath you have. Your heart's pouring out. Out onto the ground. But where'd the other half go? I'm taking it with me for memories sake. "No! You can't leave me!" Your horror starts to grow. Begging on your knees for death bed's sake. "No, I can't stay," I manage to say it calmly through clenched teeth. You're right. I can't leave. But I have to. For your sake. For your life. Please don't make this anymore harder than it already is. Please, I'm asking you. I'll always love you.

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