Long Friendship

February 15, 2008
The first time I met you was long ago
You stood high, as I stood low.
I was not tall then, but now I am.
When I started to grow it was like BAM.
Even if we were boy and girl
We still shared a shake with chocolate swirls.
Even though many made fun of us
None of us made a fuss.
We learned the same martial art
But we were in a class split apart.
Despite how we felt
I advanced for the rank of black belt.
The little ones made rumors of us going out
“He likes her” was what they would shout.
So I made them do squats
And I didn’t talk to you a lot.
Until I received your screen name
Nothing was the same.
We didn’t talk much before
But now we do that even more.
Most of my attention was drawn
From every time you signed on.
It was always fun to talk with you
Those conversations would stay between us two.
As we got closer
We were like brother and sister.
As the long days changed
There was something strange
On that day I asked “Who do you like?”
I thought you would say some guy named Mike.
You gave weird clues of someone I didn’t know
But when I figured it out I was like “WHOA”
They pointed out to be me
So I jumped around with glee
There was something I had to tell too
You liked me as I like you.
Those rumors were now true
But we were afraid that the news would have grew
If many of them knew
We agreed to say it was untrue.
But here on the day of St. Valentine
My friends thought I would want you to be mine.
I thought u were more of a little sister,
But many told me “You should date her”
But we agreed to stay friends
Whether we do get to boyfriend and girlfriend
Talking with you always makes me smile,
And it will be like that for a while.

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