You Sold the Lies

February 14, 2008
You sold the lies,
Bought the cold fries,
& threw away the unsuccessful tries.

You said your looking for the one.
But, kid right now all I think you really need to look for is the sun underneath all those clouds.

You act like your the only one who has it hard.
It never occured to me you'd even buy the defect even when you already saw what you could never respect.

Your friends, your besties, ha your homies, right?
Even your lovers, they hurt you.
They're trying to cover up, what you did. The good, the good where you actually stood up for yourself.

Whatever though.
You never really had any dedication,
you broke your meditation.

Go. Go seriously.
Go be helpless, your so selfless.
You need your little posse, wow don't come cross me.

But, maybe... just maybe, you could flip the dime one more time.
You could walk away and stay that way.
Not run away.

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