February 14, 2008
By Austine Rosqueta, Milpitas, CA

Freedom of mind, time haults.
Pressure ceases to exist.
Could you experience this?
Would you allow yourself to escape?

Working days or working nights,
you say to yourself, " I'm going to explode!"
The pressure gains and gains,
until like a teapot you steam and burst.

There are people around with fake identities.
They become agressive, prejudice, or loving.
Why is that you say?
People are forced into a disimbodiment,
a creature not even they know.

Escape these troubles cast them away!
Harsh realities a matter of the past,
being the being you intended to be.
LIVE the life carefree.

As easy as it sounds here's the truth.
With every trouble we gain experience.
With harsh realities we grow and stay strong.
To escape we have to experience life first.

The desire for escaping gives us the will to move on.
This proccess is long and stressful,
but in the long run which would you have first?
Everyone wants to escape..even i do.

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