Edwin A. Robinson

June 9, 2011
Edwin A. Robinson, negative child,
Was a little bit different as a boy;
He never played sports or ever was wild,
But rather he played with friends or a toy.

Edwin was smart and sought education,
To Harvard he went for only two years;
Due to suspension of his instruction,
He sensed self-failure and wept bitter tears.

Edwin gave up and fell to depression,
And fell out of love with poetry too;
He sighed and he drank due to suppression
Of his earthly dreams, oh what could he do?

Edwin was close to plain desolation,
But then came Teddy – Mr. President;
That man T. R. impressed by his diction,
Gave Edwin a job that helped pay the rent.

Edwin A. Robinson then had some hope,
For future success and recognition;
He started to work towards that upward slope,
From utter decline to acclamation.

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