Broken hearted Girl

June 9, 2011
By julierios4 SILVER, Ocean City, New Jersey
julierios4 SILVER, Ocean City, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Whatever happens,happens just stay strong and positive no matter what"

I love you with all my heart
I knew you was the one from the start
you always had my back
if you ever hurt me i would probably have a heart attack
I try to give you my all
If you was ever in any trouble i'd take the fall
Your my one and only
I'd never leave you lonely
We've been through so much and it's only been a few months
you know me so well i can't put up a front
you made me a promise and you better keep it
I want us 2 be together forever it's not a secret
why does this feel so wrong
i know it's right cause our connection is strong,that's how we lasted this long
your so unique your like no other
you ask "how do you deal with me"
i say ,cause your like my brother
then things went downhill
you ended it quick
when i read the words it made me feel sik, i couldn't believe my eyes
you had me suprised
you say i pushed you away
i didn't mean to , you had me thinkin everything was okay
but atleast your happy thats all that matterd
even though u took my heart and broke it like a mirror thats shattered

The author's comments:
this piece is about one of my past relationships we went out for 4 months broke up and went back out we were just alike so i wrote this for him when i felt like life itself was about to end because i thought he was what i lived for.

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