The Blizzard

February 14, 2008
By Patrick Huynh, Milpitas, CA

Roaring skies, white rage and fury
Total annihilation and panic in the thoughts of many
A thick blanket blinding you like a shadow
Silent, but quick like a cheetah after its prey
Nothing out of its grasp
No where to run, no where to hide

This never ending abomination
So deceptive, so hated, so unexpected
It sends chills up the spines of many
Nothing can stop its madness
Its sharp sting enough to make you shake
Its piercing chill, deadly to touch

Out above the one thing the one hope, the sun
Capturing the blizzard in its own madness,
The deadly roar no more,
the rage gone in an instant
Quick to be gone as it does to exists
The snow ceases to reappear till another dreadful day

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