My Endless Thoughts Of You

June 10, 2011
By replaygirl13 BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
replaygirl13 BRONZE, Flemington, New Jersey
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My mind is wandering again;
Your beautifully slanted eyes the first to come into view.
Next comes your high cheekbones,
That could only be sculpted by the gods,
Making your smile look that much friendlier.
Bright smile formed gently by your tiny plump lips,
That I could only wish to caress my waiting ones.

The full form of your face is now clear to me,
Everything looks perfect;
From your porcelain skin to the smooth line of your jawbone
All to be contrasted by your chiseled nose.
Your chocolate eyes make me lose my train of thought,
Just a brief moment of eye contact,
The most innocent form of intimacy
Causing my turquoise ones to shy away
As my cheeks glow with a rosy pink.

My train of thought changes again;
Your image gradually disappearing,
A polished wooden door in your place.
Faint knocking can be heard as I begin to move closer
The noise growing louder
As I near the door’s frame.
The door flies open,
Your full body clear in my view.
Your lips curl into that beautiful smile,
The tingling feeling coarses through my veins,
Knowing the smile is only meant for me.

Your lips part slowly to speak.
The foreign language
Rolls gently off your tongue,
As I struggle to remember
The translations to these words.
“??? ? ??? ?????”
I feel my face heat up
As your eyebrows knit together in confusion.

My eyes flutter close for a split second,
The translation finally becoming clear.
Your velvety voice enlivens my ears,
Saying the same phrase again
In a questioning tone
“Are you ready?”
I nod unconsciously;
Your eyes brighten immediately,
Grabbing my hand excitedly
And pulling me towards your sapphire car.

I open the door of your shiny car,
Getting in hesitantly
Not wanting to damage the new interior.
You just sit at the steering wheel,
Smiling sincerely at me
As I put on my seat-belt.

The drive is peaceful;
Giant oak trees surround us
As the car enters the lush forest.
The narrow road is empty,
Allowing us to enjoy the beautiful scenery
With no distractions.
I look out the passenger window happily
At the blooming violets
Scattered along the road’s edge.

Your angelic voice breaks
My concentration on our state flower,
As you sing along to the radio.
Nothing better…nothing better than you…
You briefly look at me,
Singing these lyrics in my direction
Before concentrating again on the road.

Although you can’t see my face,
Your lips still form a little smirk,
Knowing that you made me blush again.
I continue listening to your voice,
Its smoothness like a sweet lullaby,
Causing my eyelids to close slowly
As I drift off to sleep.

A soft touch against my cheek
Wakes me again.
I look around
Only to be met by your smiling eyes
“??? ???!”
I thought I had this translating thing down.
Okay, just calm down and think…
You see my slight confusion
And say the phrase a second time.
“We’re here!”
I just smile in response,
Getting out of the car
To be greeted by an amusement park.

I revert back to my childhood
And grab your hand,
Pulling you towards the colorful ferris wheel
“Let’s go on the ferris wheel first!”
I shout out with glee,
As I stop in my tracks
Turning around to look at your stunning features.
You look puzzled again
And I begin to wonder why.
Oh…I said that in English…
I giggle in embarrassment
While you just smile affectionately at me.
“?? ???? ??!!”

You gaze up
At the brightly colored wheel for a moment,
Contemplating going on it first,
But as you stare at me again
And see the twinkle of excitement in my eyes,
You say nothing in reply
As you wrap your muscular arm
Around my waist,
Leading me towards my ride of choice.

My cheeks become red again
Being so close to you,
But this intimacy makes me feel safe,
Like there is only us
And no one else.
This fantasy is crushed when I heard a familiar screech.
“Ahhhhhhhh! Kelly, is that you?!?”
We both freeze.
I know this voice to belong to my close friend
But I feel your arm tighten around me,
Bringing me in closer to your side
Your protective side appearing
For the first time.

Both of us spin around apprehensively
To meet a smirking face.
“Uhhhhh, hey Jake!”
I say shyly
As he looks you up and down.
Jake begins to ignore you
And instead smiles at me
“You look beautiful today, as always”
Although you don’t know much English
I knew you understood what he said
As you sent him a deathly glare
And pull my body into your chest.

My face still shows pure shock
When I feel your delicate fingers
Gently lift up my chin,
Your intense gaze meeting mine.
Crooking your neck slightly downward,
I watch as your luscious lips
Come closer and closer
To my partially gaped ones.

Then the moment I have only dreamt of
Your soft lips slowly press against mine
As your fingers caress my jawbone.
Tiny sparks begin to fly
As our lips part.
You turn towards my ear
And whisper the three sacred words,
Making a deep flush of red
Appear across my cheeks.
“??? ?????”
I love you…

Why do I become so shy when I think of you?
The person I’ve only seen in photos
Or on my flat screen TV,
Always showing a surge of passion
As your melodious voice
Sings of a wanted love.

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