Childhood Memories

February 14, 2008
By Anna Tri, San Jose, CA

Every sunny day
Four little children would come out to play.
They would laugh and smile
The sun would shine
It was a childhood undefined.

They climbed on the monkey bars
And caught ladybugs in a jar.
On the swings they swung
Enjoying the happiness it brung.

Then one day there was a change.
Indeed it was quite strange.
A silent wind blew
As the children slowly grew.

As the days went by
Laughter & jokes became rare.
Things were a lot different
Beyond compare.

As the children grew up
Their childhood was barely a thought in their mind.
As they became young adults
To merriment they were blind.

They all grew up
As eventually we all do.
It is a fact that is undeniably true.
The “used to be children” all went their separate ways.
Thinking of their futures as they went away.

Then one special day came.
It was both different & the same.
The four adults-now all with families
Met again at the very same park long ago.
They recognized each other right away.
It was a joyful day.

Then memories came flooding back
It came quickly like a whack!
Thoughts of childhood days
Came like the sun shining rays.

It is truly sad to say
That we all have to grow up one day.
But never let go of your childhood games
Always keep it burning like flames.
Because those memories make up whom we are
And keep us shining like a star.
Keep those memories strong
Because their melody
Is like the powerful music of a song.

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