Two Girls Sit

February 14, 2008
Two girls sit
Together in school
Chatting on a holiday
They both think is uncool
Each girl is like the other
But both so different still
One cries with razors locked tight in her room
The other stands alone on the top window sill

Blond hair, blue eyes
The perfect picture of love
Her body shaped from clay
Like a god-sent from above
But inside she harbors a secret
A refugee to call her own
The blood that runs from her wrists
As the razor blades are thrown
Spill across the carpet floor
Drip drop they fall in pattern
She cuts until the world's a blur
Thinking she doesn't matter
Boys tell her that she's lovely
A goddess in their eyes
Then they crush her precious heart
Not knowing alone she cries
She opens up to easy
Friends shoulders are always needed
And there's this one boy
With whom she never has succeeded
To let him know how she feels
Would be a better release
Than the blood that softly pools
Around her tiny feet

A plain girl next door
Brown hair and brown eyes
She sits alone in the empty house
And silently she cries
She sheds a tear for her mother
Betrayed by the one she loved
She cries again for the lack
Of support from Him up above
She doesn't look up
To see her ruined face
Because she knows that it
In this world, has no place
A mirror holds the truth
What's inside a lonely girl
Broken and defeated
Empty dreams left to unfurl
She keeps thinks locked within her
Let's it mingle with her heart
Her soul and mind are tortured
Her feelings ripped apart
She looks for love
Like a predator hunts it's prey
Because she never felt
Her father's love in any way
She doesn't want the pity
Of selfish, naive, teens
She only wants her friends
And someone to give her the love she needs
To find someone who feels for her
The way she feels for them
Would be better than the tears
And thoughts that fill her pretty head

These two girls so different
And living together in harmony
Blood spilled and tears shed
All from the hearts of the lonely
One washes the blood of the other
As she puts a hand on each wrist
They promise to help each other
Knowing they will both would now be missed
Alone they stand defeated
Together, oh so strong
And they'll be friends forever
Because they've known this all along

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