The Impossible Maze

June 9, 2011
These windows and these walls are closing in
I can’t escape, this is a game I can not win
I’m lost and I’m scared I can’t find my way out
this eerie silence is only interrupted by my shouts

I search everyday for an exit unfound
every wall looks the same from the grassy ground
and I run and I run each day and each night
yet I am no closer to finding that tunnel of light

I look to the heavens bluer than any sky
and I pray and I pray to be able to fly
to lift myself up and away from this maze
all I want is freedom for the rest of my days

The walls are too high and also too thick
I’ll start to make progress and then comes the trick
the walls they shift with the start of each new day
erasing my progress, showing me I’m only just prey

When did my life become this sick little game?
I’ve been here for so long I’m forgetting my name
and try as I might to remember my life before this unrelenting hell
I can’t because all I can hear is the bitter-sweet laughter of the death knell

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