The Love I Have for Him

February 14, 2008
By Samantha Cox, Waukesha, WI

Sometimes I wish that he could see
just how much he means to me..
And how I love him day and night,
when he's in or out of sight.
I pray that one day he will know
how his love makes my heart glow.
I try to make him understand
by kissing his cheek, or holding his hand.
It's just no good, he cannot try
to understand just why I cry.
The tears pour on into the dawn
I know not why, but I have to yawn.
I want to go right back to sleep
for thoughts of him I like to keep.
I dream about him every night
keeping me safe, holding me tight.
He knows I love him, it must be true
Otherwise I know not what to do.
I'll keep the love we have for sure
but can he love me any more?
For now I only hope and pray
that he'll realize it all, one day.

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