My Perfect Love

February 14, 2008
I try to put love into words, but it fills my heart with shame
to describe such a magnicifent thing would be more of a game.
Words cannot describe my love not even close, its true
for everything about our love is deeper than the ocean blue.
It takes alot to win my love, more than silver or gold,
For among candy and trinkets, none can warm the cold.
My heart it beats for only one, my soul will do the choosing
to find its other half proves hard, but better yet than losing.
I'm drawn to him like fools to gold and wind to open flame
It gives me all but chills inside to hear him call my name.
I can't complain of him, my love, for all know that it is true
that he will be my only love, for no other can, me, woo.
He takes my breath each time he speaks, of lovely things by day
and to hear him whisper in my ear turns skies to blue from gray.
One by one the days will pass by, quaintly in my sun-lit room
each day a perfect piece of life filled not with sadness nor with gloom.
We're happy now forevermore
It's just what I've been waiting for.

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