February 14, 2008
By Brittany Lopes, Colorado Springs, CO


Sometimes I question you, when I pray to you, I can't see you, touch you, or talk to you person to person so how do I know if you're really listening?

Sometimes I wonder why you are not helping those people who die from accidents,people who are in need and are starving, people who have all these different kinds of diseases, people who die from drugs, or even people who get shot or stabbed because they are not wearing the right color.

Sometimes I wonder why you aren't alive
when I need someone to talk to, who I know will give me all the real and right answers to all the questions that I ask. I just wonder why all this bad stuff is destroying the world so fast and all these people are dieing and everybody's losing their families so fast.

So God if you're reading this right now can you answer all my my wonders and questions Please because I know you're real but I just want to know why is all this destroying our world so fast and I ask you, why aren't you fixing it?

Forgive me God, for ever questioning you about anything and I'm sorry but, I just have a lot of curiosity.

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